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Structural drying for water damaged properties - Nationwide inc. Manchester, Norwich, London, Birmingham - Hannants Cleaning

Damp and timber surveys for domestic and commercial properties

Our IICRC fully trained operatives use the latest structural drying techniques after completing your damp and timber survey to decrease the drying time of water damaged properties. Where possible we always try to localise the drying area to save unnecessary time and power wastage and to cause as minimum disruption possible to occupied premises. Rather than drying the whole room with regular refrigerant dehumidifiers, our specialist team can install a "tenting" system and use a desiccant dehumidifier to flood the tent with superdry air and very low vapour pressure, speeding up the drying process and only drying the affected areas. During this time we will also complete any woodworm treatment required. 

Moisture readings

Detailed moisture readings and results are taken frequently during the drying process with sophisticated monitoring equipment. We also utilise specialist remote monitoring equipment where required to minimise site visits. This equipment and expertise can also be used to determine the cause of leaks or unexplained water damage.

Our assessment system also ensures that the most efficient method of drying is installed, because every situation and building is unique and will require a different combination of machines and drying processes.

Suffering from water damage? Learn more about our advanced structural drying techniques and our Damp and Timber surveys we also provide Woodworm Treatment.
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