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Graffiti and exterior cleaning

The key to any graffiti problem is to act quickly

The sooner we can arrive on site the less chance there is of permanent damage occurring. A fast reaction can also stop the problem of repeat graffiti, as once a building is marked it is more often than not seen as a communal place to deface.

Using harsh chemicals or abrasives for graffiti removal can cause permanent and unsightly damage to the surface which may be worse than the graffiti itself to remove. To avoid this scenario every graffiti site is assessed and small test patches are carried out to determine the most effective way to complete the task without damaging the surface.

Pressure washing

We have many different types of pressure washers to deal with any situation. We currently use high temperature diesel burners, self sufficient high powered cold wash trailer units and steam cleaning machines.

These produce outstanding results on all exterior surfaces such as driveways, public areas, paving, patios, and many more stone and masonry surfaces. The process removes general dirt and grime, traffic film, spillages, chewing gum, moss and algae growth.

Discover how quick and easy graffiti removal can be with our professional exterior cleaning services.
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